Odyssey’s mission is to provide opportunities for people with disabilities to be able to worship our Creator in a safe, welcome environment. We are also committed to offer our congregation a chance to participate in events that they may not always have a chance to experience. Below are some examples of events we hosted for our church family to enjoy fellowship with each other and to have fun at the same time.

Valentine’s Day Dance

Odyssey held a Valentines Day Dance in 2018 which was hosted by Sue and Nelson Nieves and their family from the Hopewell Reformed Church, our parent church. There was awesome music played by a live DJ (their son and daughter-in-law) and lots of dancing enjoyed by all. There were also opportunities to participate in arts and crafts, coloring and group games. This was one way Odyssey was able to show our “Love” to all Gods children.

Gathering PeopleSmilng TalkingCostume Party

Bible Study

We hold Bible study sessions at our church once a month. During these sessions, we learn about God’s Word using Scripture, visual aids, and other tools to help us create a deeper relationship with our Savior.

Spring Fling, 2023

Odyssey had the privilege to hold a “Spring Fling” celebration. Once again, it was hosted by the Nieves family, including David handling the DJ booth, and it was held at Hopewell Reformed Church, our parent church. There was plenty of fun to be enjoyed by everyone. We played musical chairs, had a Photo Booth, enjoyed drinks and snacks and did plenty of dancing.

Flowers HeadPeople HopeWomen Wearing Eyeglass

A Night To Shine, 2019, 2020

Odyssey was able to host and be a part of Tim Tebow’s “Night to Shine” and was held at Mill Creek Catering. As part of Tim Tebow’s program, this night gave the opportunity for all who attended to experience a spectacular prom night. The guests were able to enjoy a limo ride, dinner and dancing. “Everyone was treated as royalty–the way God sees them everyday”. Each person was crowned King or Queen for the night at a special ceremony that ended the evening.

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