A  Message from our pastor, Steve Dambra…

This month, we as followers of Jesus, will celebrate Pentecost Sunday! It’s the day when the Holy Spirit of God came down to live in the hearts and minds of the followers of Jesus. This is the day that the church was born. On that day, the Spirit of God came down from heaven to the disciples of Jesus and they started speaking out loud in languages from around the world. Many people gathered around to see what was happening. Peter spoke the first gospel message and three thousand people became followers. The number of Jesus’ followers has been growing ever since that first Pentecost Sunday.

God Bless you all and let your lives shine for Jesus!!

Pastor Steve

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What about us? Just like God used Peter to spread the “good news” (Gospel) to others back then, He asks us as to do the same today. Let’s remember that as followers of Jesus, the Holy Spirit lives in each one of us and will give us what we need to spread the good news of Jesus to others. Now it’s hard for some of us to talk to people about Jesus like Peter did, and that’s okay, but we can all try to help and be kind to other people. We can all work at forgiving those who hurt us, and be patient with those who bug us. We can all let the Holy Spirit help us live our lives so that our actions are our words!