A  Message from our pastor, Steve Dambra…

      appy New Year everyone!! I hope and pray 2019 is a time when we can all grow deeper in our love of God and our trust and faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am excited about the things God has planned for Odyssey and the ways he will work in and through us, his Odyssey family.


We’ve unwrapped and opened all of our Christmas presents. We’ve eaten our Christmas dinners and, if you’re like me, you gained a few pounds over the past few weeks. Yes, Christmas is over until next year. But is it? While we will have to wait until next year to put up another Christmas tree, decorate our houses with pretty lights and open up our Christmas presents, we don’t have to wait for the gift of Jesus. As followers of Jesus Christ we carry the gift of Jesus’ Holy Spirit in our hearts each and every moment of our lives. As his followers, we are also called to tell others about the gift of Jesus. We even sing a song at Christmas titled “Go tell it on the Mountain."

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God bless!!

Pastor Steve
We visit many different places each week and talk to many different people. Let’s make 2019 the year we tell others about Jesus!